Corporate Profile

Since the beginning of the global AIDS epidemic, it has been considered among the most challenging of terminal illnesses, for both patients and those seeking to develop a cure.  BNEERS LLC has developed a compound that we believe has the potential to provide a practical cure for this worldwide pandemic. BNEERS’ compound has been tested in clinical trials in Africa with no reported side effects during or after treatment on the subjects from the start of the trial in late 2010 through mid 2012.  As part of its efforts to improve HIV/AIDS and Tuberculosis treatment around the world, BNEERS is bridging the gap between pharmaceutical companies and patients in need of treatment.

BNEERS is ensuring medical treatment for patients as well as creating a viable and profitable pharmaceutical business opportunity. BNEERS will announce to the medical community, and the world, its potentially groundbreaking compound. BNEERS has the necessary research and development documentation exhibiting expected results our scientists and medical researchers have put forth as well as domestic and international patents pending.  Upon completion and publication of the results and final patent approval, BNEERS plans to sell the compound to a pharmaceutical company so they may begin providing treatment to the global community infected with HIV/AIDS and Tuberculosis.