Clinical Trials

BNEERS’ first clinical trial in Monrovia, Liberia, West Africa, included 140 subjects, who were administered the compound. The subjects were comprised of 110 females and 30 males. The compound was administered to participants for a period of 6-8 weeks. Upon completion of the clinical trial, CD4 cell counts increased while viral load testing exhibited HIV/AIDS and Tuberculosis at undetected levels in each patient.

  • Methods of disease contraction: Sexual intercourse
  • Mean period of infection: Unknown
  • Other means of treatment for condition: None
  • Stage of infection: Determined by Unigold Rapid Test, Western Blot, ELISA Test and RT-PCR Test results on each test subject. Stage determined by WHO Classification System.

During clinical trials, BNEERS ensured the medical treatment of the patients and created a viable and profitable pharmaceutical business entity with the compound. BNEERS has worked closely with advisers from legal as well as general medical fields, such as scientists, medical researchers, and universities to assure the project is a sound financial and operational entity.  BNEERS is positioning itself within the global medical community as a leader in research and development by introducing the compound to the marketplace.