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AIDS is considered a global pandemic. In 2013, The World Health Organization estimated that 35 million people worldwide are living with HIV/AIDS and each year, approximately 2.7 million more learn that they are infected.  Two million die each year from AIDS, of those 330,000 are children.

AIDS and Tuberculosis often go hand in hand, compounding the suffering of those not in treatment. The risk of contracting Tuberculosis is estimated to be 20-37 times greater for people with HIV. Tuberculosis is contagious and airborne, most infections result in an asymptomatic latent infection, and about one in ten latent infections eventually progress to active disease. If left untreated it will kill more than 50% of those infected. But there is hope. BNEERS has discovered the composition that can potentially restore the immune system of those living with HIV/AIDS and Tuberculosis. For these life-threatening diseases, BNEERS is maximizing new opportunities by collaborating with medical research companies, bringing more innovative medicines to the world quickly.


BNEERS is striving to provide a medical breakthrough enabling the company to become facilitators in providing medicines to combat terminal illnesses. Also, provide treatment, care and potentially restore the immune system of those suffering from HIV/AIDS and Tuberculosis in remote areas of the world. We are striving to reach all levels of humanity globally to assist in restoring men, women, and children back to normal health, vitality and the opportunity to live a normal life.
Is there a cure?

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There is Hope

BNEERS has developed a potentially groundbreaking treatment for those suffering from HIV/AIDS and Tuberculosis. We believe the compound has the potential to restore the immune system of those suffering to average levels. BNEERS has collaborated with highly skilled scientists and researchers in the HIV/AIDS and Tuberculosis medical/research community.

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